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Introduction to site

Welcome to This site is dedicated to the research of the ancient roots of Japan. On this site you will find a wealth of information, from many resources, into what has come to be known as the “Ancient Mysteries of Japan”.

We have consulted leading experts in the field of ancient historical research for the accumulation of the data contained within this website. Our research has led us to study ancient Japanese history, folklore, legends, and previous research by other experts.

The information on this site has been taken from various sources, including TV Tokyo and CBMC- Japan research. This website also includes clips from interviews with historical research experts. is updated regularly with new research and data. The website is designed to be user-friendly and convenient. We hope you find it so.

Simply click on the desired link to access the video files and presentations.

In addition to updating this website. We also offer seminars on the subject and are currently in the process of publishing a DVD with this historical research. Our researchers are also searching for further evidence and facts relating to ancient Japanese roots. is supported by researchers personal time and efforts, managed and updated by personal contributors, and financed solely by donations.

If you would like to contribute time, resources, information, or finances to further our research; Please contact us by clicking on the Contact Us link.

We, the production team, sincerely hope you enjoy this website.